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The Power Gay

Please tell me you saw the unedited fight from the feeds somewhere on boob tube. Not only did she ask if he was a bitch because he was gay, she told him to grow a pair and be man - oh but he couldn't because he was a woman. While the edit captured the essence, it was even more fabulous. Rachel was turned to stone by Ragan and she stood there for like 90 seconds just STILL as STONE. Then after she did a fake apology prompted by producers with a smirk on her face the entire time. She is traaaaaagic. So is her "boyfriend", Brendon, in the house. They both engaged in a homophobic rant against him last week behind his back. And Brendon is a weeping, purple shirt wearing closet case! Thank god the red parrot Rachel is gone. And I used to like her ass? Mess.


OMG...no i didn't see the unedited feeds...darn it ...if you have them or a link girl...hook a bitch up...cause i thought this was good but it sounds like it was even better than it appears. She is a hot nasty mess.

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