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Samuel Bronkowitz

In an Interview for Marie Claire http://bit.ly/a6DyUJ the Salahis continue to profess their innocence and continue on their campaign of promoting their fame. Michaele wants you to know why she should be famous. Let's review her answers in the interview. Even though people refer to her as a Barbie, she feels complimented. It doesn't matter it was meant in negative terms. She says she was a makeup artist. Well, if you call working at a makeup counter "makeup artist." She says "I got the social butterfly label because I was active on the social scene and doing it in a way that had style, or so I was told. I would wear different outfits that people liked. And that’s why the Housewives show reached out to me." Watch the reactions of the other housewives on the show to her style and you will see why Bravo reached out to her - they need loons on their show to add drama - voila cast Michaele. The statement about her outfits sounds like someone in junior high and gives great insight into her deluded sense of self. She was walking down the street and boom, "Bravo said wow she has such a sense of style and look at her clothes."

I suspect that after filming Bravo was having second thoughts about their "Social Butterfly Barbie" and desperation for fame lead to desperate actions. Hence, getting into the White House state dinner at all costs. If you read the desperate email exchange (found here: http://bit.ly/829RRp) between Tareq and Michelle Jones, the White House Pentagon Liaison, you will see Tareq pulling all the stops telling her that they need to be there because their "goat rodeo" as it was referred to by one of the other housewives, was a "historic event" between India and the U.S.. (I think I read the majority of the players were Pakistani) The last email from Ms. Jones says the dinner was closed but "hopefully" she could get tickets for the arrival ceremony but it didn't look hopeful. Ms. Jones called their cell to tell them she didn't get the tickets but the Salahis cell battery was mysteriously dead and they said they didn't get the message until the next day. If you were waiting for a call from the White House for an invitation to a state dinner wouldn't you be checking your phone every 2 minutes? A simple check of their phone records should show if their phone was dead. Also in the limo, on the show, Michaele is seen on the phone bragging about going to the dinner but I digress.

In the interview she says Ms. Jones extended the invitation requesting their information to be vetted for the White House. The emails show the Salahis practically begging for an invitation and the request for their information was 3 days before the dinner just in case she was able to pull off a miracle. At 8:46am the morning of the dinner Ms. Jones email still indicated there were no tickets and she would call one way or another. In the interview Michaele says "There are so many events you've probably attended where you don't go with the actual printed invitation. I didn't go thinking I was chancing it." Once again, delusions of grandeur. It is the White House and unless you are the guest of honor or some other notable I would imagine you would have to have a printed invitation. The proof is in the pudding. In Tareq's email the following day to Ms. Jones he says "We ended up going to the gate to check in at 6:30pm to just check, in case it got approved since we didn't know, and our name was indeed on the list!" That would seem to contradict Michaeles satement about not going and chancing it. Right there. Caught in a bold face lie. And now, who are you going to believe, the White House or the Salahis when they say they were on the list? I believe the White House when they say that the Salahis were not invited and therefore not on the list. Therefore, they have earned the title of "White House Party Crashers." That is why you are famous Michaele and not for anything else so get over yourself.

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